Fellside Therapies


Counselling is an opportunity to talk freely, in complete confidence and without fear of judgement about something that is causing you unhappiness or difficulties.  It offers space and time to reflect and to stand back from your problems, with support from a trained professional.





• chronic fatigue

• ME type symptoms

• stress

• anxiety

• panic attacks

• bereavement

• experience of trauma, either directly or as a witness

• depression

• relationship difficulties

• low self-esteem

• lack of confidence

• weight problems

Or it might be that life in general seems to be wearing you down and that you don’t know who to turn to.


Talking to a counsellor can help you to understand your difficulties, identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour and support you to make new choices.  


Whatever the difficulty you are experiencing, and however insurmountable it might seem, please don’t struggle on alone; get in touch.  


Counselling can be helpful in resolving a range of issues including: